Thursday, April 3, 2008

the best thing

I don't know how many people can join me in saying that they are "doers". I love to be busy...the more activities, the better. Some endearingly call this the "Martha complex" from the familiar story in Luke 10:38-42. Recently the Father brought this condition that I share along with many others to my attention as being the reason for my tired and cranky attitude.

It's so easy for me to get involved in things, only to have those things turn into worry and stress. The crazy part is, it just kind of naturally happens to me. I'm serious! You know what I mean...helping people out when they ask, being reluctant to say "no", feeling like it's all part of what I need to be doing. I mean, I'm a missionary right? Aren't we supposed to help and serve everybody? Well, the Lord has shown me that the answer is "no". This is not to say that these are not good things, just as Martha was doing good in serving the Lord. But I must ask myself, reflecting on what the Lord said of Mary, "Are they the best thing?" Keeping in mind as I ask this question the purpose Christ has called me to, and if the things I'm doing are keeping with that purpose.

Refocusing my efforts and daily activities has not been easy. I've had to go back and say "no" to things I had already agreed to do. But the sweet release and peace that has come from letting many of these things go makes it worth it.

This process has brought me to yet another step in the journey of learning to live by the grace that saved me. So in closing, dear friend I have to ask you, are you choosing the best thing?


Matthew said...

Great lesson and a hard one to learn! Father has also been teaching me about this for several years now, but I am slow to learn and obey sometimes. I ask that Father will continue to give you His wisdom with regards to the work that He intends for you. From this, may your time there be richly blessed!

The Minstrel said...

Definitely a great bit of information. I find that I'm a thinker and think about a lot of things instead of thinking and pondering deeply about Him in my life. It's easy to go to where you're doing a TON of stuff or doing a TON of thinking and hard to find that balance. Maybe it all gets back to where we find our value as a person. We should be finding it in Christ, but sometimes we do find it in the things we do or come up with instead of Him. I enjoyed reading this.