Wednesday, October 24, 2007

utterly amazing

well the two month marker has now been officially reached. it feels more like three or four with all that's happened. God has opened so many amazing doors that i have no idea what's going on! not that i had much of one anyway...a small glimpse...the first week i arrived He put me in touch with a family that got me a two month pass onto a university campus (usually you have to be a student to be on campus) the school is one of the most prestigious in the country and the dean of the theological department came out to meet me and give me their latest text books. they also invited me to use their theological library. this same family has loved and adopted me as i learn this new place with all it's new ways.

that same week a girl from the church i'm attending invited me to a university Bible study lead by a organization whose prime focus is university students. a few weeks ago this same ministry asked to partner with me in ministry!

God has also given me the opportunity to, alongside my supervisors, teach two english classes for university students. we've been going strong for a month now. we started with two students and now have eight and growing. we are using a bilengual Bible as part of the class. most of the students either aren't believers or are ashamed to admit so to their peers. one of the guys who openly told us he wasn't a Christian has loved reading through the first chapters of John and seeing how beautiful the gospel story is! he told us he had no idea what the Bible said or that this is what it really meant to believe.

it is utterly amazing to see all these things and be a small part of them. it would be a lie for anyone to believe this has all been smooth sailing or that i have anything to do with any of is a daily battle of seeking the Father and His will...and it is never easy. one thing is certain though, He remains faithful and He hears the prayers of His children! blessed be His name!