Wednesday, July 4, 2007

las tres cruzes

a beautiful view of the central valley

jessica, me and mandi enjoying the view from the top

us at the first cross

Sunday, July 1, 2007

tengo calor

So yesterday I got to do some hiking with some of the language students on a local mountain. The nationals call it the hike to las tres cruzes, because there are actually three crosses that you hike to. There were seven of us in all and we left early so we could avoid some of the crowd to catch the bus that would drop us off at the foot of the mountain. This would not only be a physical adverture for me but a great language learning opportunity.
As we started out I could tell this was not going to be the average hike. The mountain had a pretty steep incline that didn't level off very often. We had to hike up a road to get to the actual trail head. At the trail we stopped for a break and I was already feeling a little winded, the sun was shinning brightly and I was hot. I had been sick the week before and could tell that I was still weak. Our guide, a local national, asked me if I was ok. My reply, "Si, estaba emferma la semana pasada y estoy caliente." As soon as I made the final remark I realized my mistake. I quickly attempted to correct myself by saying "No, no. Yo tengo calor." Too late. My guide had already given me an odd look and begun to explain my HUGE mistake. In Spanish "Tengo calor" means "I'm hot." as in from the eliments of your surroundings. "Estoy caliente" in a nice translation means "I'm turned on." Needless to say it is not a good connotation, and my face was not merely red from the heat. Fortunately, the guide had a good sense of humor and we were able to laugh through my VERY embarrassing moment. I don't think that'll be a mistake I make again!